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Are Your Floors Making Employees Sick?

Can floor cleaning benefit employee health? This probably isn’t a question that you consider on a regular basis, but it’s important nonetheless. After all, many individuals often believe that common surfaces (like telephones, keyboards, bathroom fixtures, etc.) pass illnesses between employees.

But, what about flooring?

The truth is that unclean flooring – especially carpeting – presents a host of health-related issues for employees and customers alike, including:

  • Respiratory Issues – Dust mites, molds, and other organisms thrive in dirty carpets. This can cause colds, allergic reactions, and other, more severe issues.
  • Skin Irritation/Infection – Unclean carpets can host living and non-living organisms that can cause redness, itchiness, or swelling.
  • Heightened Stress Levels – Stress and anxiety are common side effects of dirty flooring. This further weakens the immune system and can increase the potential for disease.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we offer standard floor cleaning surfaces as well as advanced floor stripping, polishing, sealing, and coating services for office spaces with hard floor surfaces. As such, you can depend on our company for advanced techniques and additional services designed to meet your needs and keep your workplace safe.

Find out more about our office floor cleaning services today to determine whether or not our team is the right fit for your needs!

Is Your Carpet Clean? The Answer May Surprise You…

Without proper cleaning, carpets can easily spread viruses and bacteria. But with proper commercial carpet cleaning, you can guarantee that you’re doing your part to maintain the well-being of your employees and promote the productivity of your workplace.

So, what does proper commercial carpet cleaning look like? A few main practices come to mind:

  • High-filtration vacuuming – High-filtration vacuuming on a regular basis captures dust rather than knocking it further into the textile surface. This removes allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from the environment completely (rather than just masking them).
  • Deep carpet extraction – Vacuuming alone isn’t enough to remove the dirt in carpeting. With deep carpet extraction cleaning, particularly with a hot water rinse method, you can remove any set-in stains, bacteria, and odors.
  • Use of walk-off matting – Doorways tend to collect the most dust and bacteria. With walk-off matting, you can frequently change these highly-trafficked areas to eliminate bacteria at the source.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we use each of the above methods to create a customized caretaking plan for your medical facility, corporate headquarters, large retail space, or other location.

Learn more about our philosophy about healthy buildings here to see if our approach to a clean and productive workplace suits your needs.