When it comes to the workplace, you can’t take a reactive approach the health and well-being of your employees. Instead, you must put a preventive health protocol into place.

By doing so, you do your part to minimize the proliferation of cold and flu viruses. This keeps employees healthy, at work, and productive, benefiting both your business and employees alike.

But, what is a preventive health protocol? There are a few main elements you should know:

  • Customer Defense Zones – Properly stock points of entry, gather spaces, or personal hygiene areas and disinfect other recommended areas of the facility.
  • Target Areas – This includes the daily sanitizing of common surfaces and daily disinfection of key surfaces throughout your workplace.
  • Potential Additions – Steam cleaning, machine scrubbing, detail washing, sanitation, and carpet cleaning are important additions worth considering.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we follow the above protocol rigorously for our proactive clients. By doing so, we do our part to maintain the health, cleanliness, and well-being of your staff while fostering a productive workplace environment.

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