Health Pricing Program

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Cost Estimating by Priority Throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul

By prioritizing cleaning services with health benefits, the semi-annual top to bottom dusting, carpet deep cleaning and vacuuming, we are able to deliver “Cleaning for Health” on any budget.


  1. High-quality technicians. All Commercial Cleaning Experts employees are thoroughly screened with background checks and employment eligibility. All employees are thoroughly trained and insured prior to entering your building.
  2. Spring and fall cleanups. Our seasonal cleanups include a thorough, top to bottom dust removal along with a residue-free carpet extraction on all traffic lanes in the spring and wall to wall in the fall. This is also the ideal time to strip and seal/scrub, finish and buff all hard floors. Window cleaning includes inside and out in the fall, and outside only in the spring. To maintain the maximum health effects, priority one includes a minimum of weekly high-filtration vacuuming of all floors and mopping of hard floors. Monthly costs are around .02 -.06 cents per square foot (minimums apply).
  3. Routine common area cleaning. This includes entrance glass spotting, disinfectant wiping of reception counters and conference tables, and a thorough cleaning of lunchroom break areas and restroom/locker rooms. The service is offered from daily to weekly per client requirements.
  4. Desk-side recycling and trash removal. This is an area where the client can save money by having their employees take their wet trash to the lunchroom and only allow paper recycling desk side. The employee then takes his or her full recycling to a central station.
  5. Periodic dusting. The need for periodic dusting between the spring and fall cleanups can be greatly reduced if, combined with weekly high-filtration vacuuming, the HVAC filters have been replaced regularly and there is sufficient entrance matting. However, a complete dusting can be done for a predetermined fee if the client deems it necessary.