What Does it Mean to Use “Green Seal” Cleaning Products?

The movement to using non-toxic, Green Seal cleaning products is one that has been welcomed by homeowners and businesses alike. However, not all green products come with the Green Seal of approval.

But, what does it mean when products have the Green Seal Certification?

Green Seal is a non-profit organization that reviews and certifies a wide range of products if they meet the sustainability standards set forth by the organization. This provides safeguards for consumers shopping for products because they can trust the Green Seal Certification to ensure they’re purchasing environmentally responsible products.

The Certification covers a range of standards, including performance, health, and environmental criteria. As such, you can have peace of mind purchasing products understanding that they meet the rigorous standards you expect.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we only use certified Green Seal cleaning products. As such, along with our other elements of healthy buildings, you can have confidence knowing your workplace is cleaned with non-toxic materials, fostering a safe, healthy, and productive environment for your staff.

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