3 Benefits of Chemical-Free Green Cleaning

Today, more and more homeowners are choosing to clean their homes with green products. But why stop at the home when many individuals spend their days in offices or other professional environments? Green cleaning is beneficial for workplaces as well.

It’s important to translate the non-toxic movement to professional environments. By doing so, you can access 3 primary benefits including:

  1. Pure environment – Why clean contaminants in the workplace with chemicals, further polluting the office environment? With non-toxic cleaning, you won’t mask one issue with another.
  2. Workplace safety – Green cleaning supplies eliminate toxicity, combustibility, and potential skin irritation, keeping workers safe.
  3. Better air quality – Strong chemical odors can affect workplace productivity, causing headaches or other issues. Green cleaners often include pleasant oils, causing no such issues.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, our commitment to environmental cleaning practices extends to the products we use as well. In fact, our product line passes a rigorous eleven point criteria process, giving you the confidence that your work environment won’t just be clean, but free of toxins as well. Learn more about our protocol for healthy buildings.

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