Commercial Cleaning FAQs

Does Commercial Cleaning Experts perform its own services, or do you assign the contract to a franchise or subcontractor?

Thoroughly trained Commercial Cleaning Experts employees perform all janitorial services and some mechanical services. Some services requiring specialized skills and/or equipment are handled through our partners, all of which have met Commercial Cleaning Experts’ stringent selection requirements. Commercial Cleaning Experts functions as the owners advocate throughout the services procurement process, including selecting and managing vendors.

Does Commercial Cleaning Experts do citizenship and criminal background checks on its employees?

Absolutely. Commercial Cleaning Experts does extensive background checks and is able to comply with the strictest security requirements. All Commercial Cleaning Experts employees are required to wear uniforms and ID badges.

How does Commercial Cleaning Experts guarantee consistent, high-quality service?

To guarantee the highest quality service, Commercial Cleaning Experts:

  • Extensively screens and hires only the most qualified candidates
  • Trains and insures employees before they set foot in your facility
  • Performs quality control inspections to ensure 100% compliance
  • Recognizes and rewards exceptional employees
  • Understands that communication is crucial to client satisfaction

Does Commercial Cleaning Experts require its employees to speak, read and write English?

Yes. To respond to client needs quickly, it is necessary to speak and understand English. Additionally, the proper and safe use of cleaning chemicals and equipment also requires all employees to read and understand written instructions and SDS.

Does Commercial Cleaning Experts ever pay its employees cash in order to reduce a client’s price?

Never. That is illegal and it recklessly exposes our clients to liability. That practice would not be in our employees’ best interests. All Commercial Cleaning Experts employees are covered under general liability and workers compensation insurance policies. Commercial Cleaning Experts deducts and pays all required taxes and makes all mandated contributions to Social Security and Medicare.