Elements of Healthy Buildings

Healthy office buildings start with Commercial Cleaning Experts

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Minneapolis / St. Paul Office Cleaning Services

Healthy Cleaning Means a Healthy Staff

Our cleaning experts focus beyond standard office cleaning to help you develop and maintain a healthier building for your employees and visitors.


Healthier Buildings Start With Our Preventative Health Protocol

Our preventative health protocol is designed to minimize the proliferation of cold and flu viruses.

Focusing on Defense Zones:

  • Initial points of entry (reception areas, lobbies, entries)
  • Gathering spaces (conference and meeting rooms, kitchens, break rooms)
  • Personal hygiene areas (restrooms)

Deterring Viruses and Cross Contamination

Our healthy office regime includes protocols and certified products that are documented to eliminate common viruses at the point of contact and deter cross contamination. Available protocols include sanitizing and/or disinfection of common surfaces:

  • Door handles
  • Knobs
  • Push plates
  • Sinks
  • Fountains
  • Water cooler spouts
  • Dispensers (soap, towel, sanitizers, etc.)
  • Restroom fixtures
  • Chair arms
  • Desktops
  • Telephone handsets

Specific Anti-Cross Contamination Protocols include:

  • Use of color-coded microfiber cloths for each cleaning product and service area
  • Regular changing of mopping solution or use of a compartmented mop bucket system
  • Limiting mop heads to a particular room or area
  • Installing sealed/changeable dispensing systems
  • Wearing protective gear if required
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and replacing cleaning tools according to specific protocol for your building

Additional Services Can Further Increase the Effectiveness of Maintaining a Healthy Building:

  • Steam cleaning of all restroom surfaces
  • Steam cleaning of tile walls
  • Resilient tile finishing and maintenance services
  • Machine scrubbing with disinfectant cleaner of all hard surface floors
  • Detail washing of common area surfaces with registered disinfectant cleaner
  • Office machine/keyboard/mouse sanitation services
  • Carpet cleaning and extraction

Our Internal Health Protocols Help You to Maintain Yours

We practice what we preach by maintaining an internal protocol aimed at ensuring the healthiest building possible for you. Our internal procedures include:

  • Multi-tiered staffing schedule for maximum flexibility
  • Cross training of our employees (multiple duties, various customer work sites)
  • Strict enforcement of our internal sickness policy
  • Customer service visits and inspections
  • Blood-borne pathogen training
  • Cleaning for health training program
  • Protective gear when and where needed
  • Daily, weekly and monthly tool cleaning and rotation

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Equipment

We continue our focus on your healthy office by maintaining:

  • An environmentally responsible approach to cleaning applications
  • A cleaning products line that passes a rigorous 11-point criteria process
  • Green Seal Certified cleaning products
  • Low-impact packaging
  • Pre-measured concentrate for the correct application every time
  • Earth-friendly cleaning equipment designed to exceed industry requirements for air quality, noise and surface impact

The Commercial Cleaning Experts Commitment

Commercial Cleaning Experts is committed to providing the cleanest, healthiest and greenest janitorial service programs. With client participation, we will provide a workplace environment that is proactive in reducing the spread of viruses. Additional preventative measures may be available on a case-by-case scenario. Please consult with your customer service representative for information.


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