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Commercial Cleaning for Minneapolis and Throughout the Twin Cities

Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Corporate Offices, Industrial Plants and Niche Industries

Our five-decade history in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities has given us a strong reputation for cleaning and janitorial services with many customers staying with us for 20, 30 and even 40 years. We specialize in large facilities and niche industries including high-tech, medical, healthcare and food service. Our employees are fully e-verified, loyal and earn a living wage. Some of our services include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Comprehensive floor care
  • Full-service janitorial support
  • Cleaning for Health protocols
  • Concrete cleaning and resurfacing
  • Pressure washing
  • Recycling


Floor Cleaning

From large corporate offices to industrial plants, we develop a floor cleaning program just for you. We’ll even tackle that office floor restoration that other companies won’t touch. Commercial Cleaning Experts has been keeping Minneapolis and Twin Cities office floors looking great for more than 50 years.

The benefits of our services:

  • We have the most up-to-date equipment and processes
  • We’ve been practicing Cleaning for Health for decades
  • We work with you to develop a program for your needs and budget
  • Our offerings include floor stripping, polishing, sealing and coating
  • We service clean rooms and high-tech environments
  • Our highly trained staff are trustworthy, loyal and e-verified

Many Minneapolis and Twin Cities customers call us for a specific floor project or consultation on how to dress up their office floors. Even when other cleaning companies say a project is too big, we’re ready to take it on.


Minneapolis and Twin Cities Office Cleaning

We don’t skimp on the little things. Even when the big jobs are done, we seek out the details that your visitors are sure to notice, all while applying the same principles of reliability, staying eco-friendly and Cleaning for Health.

Some Minneapolis and Twin Cities companies try to manage their own office cleaning by requesting employees clean their work areas at the end of the day or by hiring after-hours staff. This, however, can lead to inconsistent cleanliness and extra costs such as paying a staff and supervisor. The team can also lack access to the latest equipment, materials and cleaning procedures.

We work with you to develop a cleaning protocol that saves you money while ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for your employees and a better experience for your visitors.

Our range of office cleaning and janitorial services includes:

    • Entrance glass and full-service glass and mirror cleaning
    • Recycling, from employee-driven methods to full-facility recycling systems
    • Trash consolidation and removal
    • Carpet cleaning with state-of-the-art, eco-friendly equipment and materials
    • Thorough mopping and cleaning of hard floors
    • Recruiting, training and supervising the right staff for your project
    • Requiring all staff to read and write in English to ensure proper communication and close attention to product information and labeling
    • Specific and custom protocols for Minneapolis and Twin Cities industry niches such as high-tech, food service, medical, chemical, healthcare and more


Commercial Cleaning

We specialize in carpets, recycling and janitorial support across Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. Our commercial cleaning standards are high and our range of expertise goes far beyond floors and office areas.

Carpet Cleaning. Most commercial cleaning companies use vacuums with only standard filters and bags that capture dirt but expel dust back into the air. We never cut corners; our methods include equipment that gets the dust and dirt out, keeps it out, and won’t redeposit it into your office.

Janitorial support, whether you need consultation, support for your in-house team or specialized janitorial services.

Recycling, so that you can show your employees and visitors that you care about going green.

Eco-friendly procedures for a cleaner, healthier work environment. Learn more here.


Industrial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Experts takes on industrial, production and warehousing plants that need a tough cleaning to keep up with appearances and quality standards. Our expertise and reputation in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities are proven as an honest industrial cleaning company that leads with integrity and that will never use a “loss leader” approach to getting in the door.

Contract-based and project-based

Every industrial cleaning job is different. You may have factors that affect your operation like schedules, seasons and unforeseen events. We’re happy to work with you on a contract or project basis so the job gets done with the least amount of impact on your projects as possible.

Production facilities and industrial plants

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, industrial cleaning is a specialty. We accept the most challenging industrial cleaning jobs and ensure a healthier, safer environment for your workers and visitors. We serve a variety of Minneapolis and Twin Cities industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Clean rooms
  • Municipal

Have a special circumstance?

Have a certain request or an emergency situation? Call us for immediate consultation and we’ll put a Minneapolis or Twin Cities team together to get things cleaned up fast.


Clean Rooms

Even clean rooms need cleaning. Minneapolis and Twin Cities companies in high-tech, chemical, medical and food industries trust Commercial Cleaning Experts with their clean rooms because we have the certified staff and protocols to ensure compliance to rigid standards.

We create a written protocol for each clean room, including selecting the right cleaning chemicals, agents and consumables. We also have protocols for areas around clean rooms, such as the gowning room.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we’re educated in many types and grades of sterilants, sporicidal agents, disinfectants and sanitizing agents. We also stock dedicated cleaning consumables including HEPA filter vacuums, sticky mats, special mops, clean room trash cans and certified smocks, gowns, gloves and shoe covers.

The fallbacks of cleaning your own clean room

  • In-house staff are usually not third-party verified
  • They may lack the knowledge and skills to properly clean your clean room, especially when it comes to the use of agents, consumables and procedures
  • Employees who have other tasks may not have the attention, energy or initiative at the end of a day to properly clean a clean room
  • Commercial Cleaning Experts can almost always clean a Minneapolis or Twin Cities clean room faster than an in-house staff
  • In-house staff who are ill or on vacation present a scheduling conflict
  • In-house staff often need to be managed or supervised


Cleaning for Health

Focusing on the connection between a healthy workplace and improved employee productivity

Cleaning for health is neither difficult nor expensive. It simply requires prioritizing the cleaning tasks, and in the right order. This is the way we have trained our Minneapolis and Twin Cities staff for decades and it can be achieved within almost any budget. Cleaning for Health is one reason Commercial Cleaning Experts is the contractor of choice for any company – including medical facilities – that wants to maintain a healthier, more productive workplace.

Our Cleaning for Health program includes:

  • Capture-and-remove dust elimination, using cleaning tools and products that capture dust rather than knocking it down from high areas to low
  • Thorough and frequent vacuuming of carpets and hard floors with high filtration (quad filtration minimum) equipment
  • Regular carpet deep extraction cleaning using a clear, hot water rinse method
  • Walk-off matting at every door with the right number of paces to contain tracking; changed out frequently for effectiveness
  • 10-minute kill-time disinfecting of all shared contact points using EPA-registered disinfectants
  • Consistent restocking of hygiene products throughout your Minneapolis or Twin Cities site
  • Strict adherences to after-hours security policies
  • Driving traditional cleaning by appearance and corporate image (entrance glass, trash, recycling, hard floor mopping, etc.)

Let’s get started.

So here we are. You’re sitting in a less-than-spotless building and we’re sitting in our vans, equipped and motivated, waiting for you to give us the green light. But if you’re not entirely sure, give it a minute. Imagine your guests walking into your space without seeing a smudge on the glass door. Or smelling an odor from the carpet. Or seeing dust in the sunbeams. Imagine your employees not only feeling healthier, but working harder because of it. They don’t mind staying until 5 pm because there’s nothing to mind anymore: the shelves are clean, the floor is polished. Remember the stale feeling in the air? Neither do they.

But we do our work so well, it’s almost harder to imagine than it is to actually complete. We’re trained, experienced and eager to take on the job. So when you’re ready, give us the go-ahead. We’ll soon be there and you’ll soon be in a space you wish you had years ago. And after a while, once it finally starts to need touching up, we’ll be back. We’re with you from here on out. That’s why were the Commercial Cleaning Experts.

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