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A Focus on the Health of Your Building in Minneapolis/St. Paul

The Connection Between a Healthy Workplace and Improved Employee Productivity

Cleaning for Health is neither difficult nor expensive. It simply requires prioritizing the cleaning tasks, and in the right order. This is the way we have trained our staff for decades and it can be achieved within almost any cleaning budget. Cleaning for Health is one reason Commercial Cleaning Experts is the contractor of choice for any company in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area – including medical facilities – that need to maintain a healthier, more productive workplace.

Our Minneapolis/St. Paul Cleaning for Health Program includes:

  • Capture-and-remove dust elimination, a procedure utilizing cleaning tools and products that actually capture dust rather than knocking it down from high areas to low
  • Thorough and frequent vacuuming of carpets and hard floors with high filtration (quad filtration minimum) equipment
  • Regular carpet deep extraction cleaning using a residue-free rinse method
  • Walk-off matting at every door for just the right number of paces so as to contain tracking; changed out frequently to maximize effectiveness
  • 10-minute kill-time disinfecting of all shared contact points using an EPA-registered disinfectant
  • Consistent re-stocking throughout your building of hygiene products
  • Strict adherences to after-hours security policies
  • Addressing traditional cleaning issues driven by appearance, corporate image, and productivity such as clean entrance glass, trash and recycling removal and clean mopping of hard floors

cleaning for health minneapolis

Beyond Health Toward the Elements of a Healthy Building

  • A preventative health protocol
  • Deterring viruses

Cross Contamination Protocols include:

  • Our internal health protocols
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products equipment


The Right Staff for the Right Job

  • In recent years, the marketplace has nearly completely driven out the cleaning contractors who truly care about occupant health. Rather than being selected for new business based on cleaning ability, contractors have been chosen strictly based on price.
  • We at Commercial Cleaning Experts have remained focused on Cleaning for Health. The transition away from a common “cleaning” contractor to Cleaning for Health is neither difficult nor expensive. It simply requires prioritizing the cleaning tasks in the right order and can be done within almost any cleaning budget.
  • Our unique vision of Cleaning for Health makes us the contractor of choice for medical facilities, corporate headquarters and any company that wants to make the connection between healthy workspaces and improved employee productivity.


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