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Clean Room Cleaning Services in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Even Clean Rooms Need Cleaning

Companies in high-tech, chemical, medical and food industries trust Commercial Cleaning Experts with their clean rooms because we have the certified staff and protocols in place to ensure compliance to rigid cleaning standards.

We develop a written protocol for each clean room, including selecting the right cleaning chemicals, agents, and consumables. We also have written protocols for areas around clean rooms, such as the gowning room.

We’re experienced with different classes of clean room environments, including ISO 7 and ISO 4, and we select tools appropriate for each class, such as pure synthetic wipes or polyester and cellulose wipes. The frequency of servicing clean rooms can also vary, from once a week to once a day.

The Right Product For The Right Job

We’re educated in many types and grades of sterilants, sporicidal agents, disinfectants and sanitizing agents. We also offer dedicated cleaning consumables including HEPA filter vacuums, sticky mats, special mops, clean room trash bags and cans and certified smocks, gowns, gloves and shoe covers.

clean room cleaning twin citiesThe Downsides of Cleaning Your Own Clean Room

Many Minneapolis and St. Paul companies allow their own staff to clean their clean rooms, but there can be drawbacks:

  • They may lack the knowledge and the skills to properly clean your clean room, especially when it comes to the use of agents, consumables and rigid procedures
  • In-house staff are usually not third-party verified
  • Employees who have other tasks may not have the attention, energy or initiative at the end of a day to properly clean a clean room
  • Commercial Cleaning Experts can almost always clean a clean room faster than an in-house staff
  • In-house staff who are ill or on vacation will present a scheduling conflict
  • In-house staff often need to be managed or supervised




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