Cleaning for Health

Do Your Part to Prevent Disease and Flu This Cold Weather Season

As summer comes to an end and fall/winter quickly approach, it’s time to take the health and safety of your workplace more seriously. After all, failing to do so can easily cost your business a significant amount of money due to employee absence or reduced productivity. Cleaning to prevent disease in the workplace starts with basic precautions.

Studies from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that “up to 80 percent of flu cases are spread by touching contaminated surfaces and by direct human contact.” As such, it’s important to keep your workplace clean through a number of regular efforts to:

  • Disinfect common breeding grounds for germs (including telephones, elevator buttons, computer keyboards, and bathroom faucets/handles).
  • Provide employees with disinfectants and disposable tissues to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Deep clean surfaces that retain germs and bacteria (such as carpets) on a regular, frequent basis.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we believe that workplace health and safety during cold weather months is strongly related to cleanliness and regular, deep cleaning. As such, we offer daily cleaning services to large commercial spaces such as corporate headquarters, medical facilities, and retail spaces, among others, to ensure we are cleaning to prevent disease and are doing everything possible to keep your employees safe and productive.

Learn more about our Minneapolis office cleaning services to determine whether or not we’re the right fit for your company (remember, cold and flu season is fast approaching!).

Preventive Health Protocol for the Workplace

When it comes to the workplace, you can’t take a reactive approach the health and well-being of your employees. Instead, you must put a preventive health protocol into place.

By doing so, you do your part to minimize the proliferation of cold and flu viruses. This keeps employees healthy, at work, and productive, benefiting both your business and employees alike.

But, what is a preventive health protocol? There are a few main elements you should know:

  • Customer Defense Zones – Properly stock points of entry, gather spaces, or personal hygiene areas and disinfect other recommended areas of the facility.
  • Target Areas – This includes the daily sanitizing of common surfaces and daily disinfection of key surfaces throughout your workplace.
  • Potential Additions – Steam cleaning, machine scrubbing, detail washing, sanitation, and carpet cleaning are important additions worth considering.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we follow the above protocol rigorously for our proactive clients. By doing so, we do our part to maintain the health, cleanliness, and well-being of your staff while fostering a productive workplace environment.

Cleaning for Health: Why it Matters

A clean workplace is a productive workplace.

But surface level cleaning won’t give employees a healthy environment that fosters productivity and maintains employee health. On the contrary, it will allow further dirt and contaminants to pile up, causing decreased morale and compromising the well-being of every individual in the office. Cleaning for health is a focus of our preventative health protocol.

At Commercial Cleaning Experts, we believe in a process called “Cleaning for Maximum Health.” This means that instead of cleaning on a superficial level, we:

  • Capture dust (rather than push it further down into surfaces)
  • Use high filtration vacuuming equipment to extract dust from carpet and hard surface floors alike
  • Clean carpets with a clear hot water rinse method
  • Regularly deep clean walk-off matting at doors and in highly trafficked areas to maintain effectiveness
  • Disinfect shared contact points, particularly in restrooms
  • Maintain ample stock of hygiene products throughout buildings

With a specialization in large offices, the team at Commercial Cleaning Experts is an ideal resource for medical facilities, corporate headquarters, retail spaces, and other clients in need of regular, deep cleaning services.

Learn more about cleaning for health and our Maximum Cleaning philosophy to see if our services are the right fit for your needs!